This restaurant serves the cuisine preferred by Mei Lanfang,the well known actor fo Beijing opera,it is called Mei Mansion.It occupies an elegant and 200 year-old Beijing courtyard ofabout 1,000/sqm.It was the home of a rani(princess)who was a concubine during the Qing dynasty.In the yard are white Yulan,green bamboo,willow with long branch,and a 200 year-old date tree.And beside the well,some goldfish swim in a dark green pool.Old photos,an old gramophone,a camera and the fumiture are all of the 1920s style.All were used by Mei Lanfang.The decor recalls Beijing opera.The waiters dress in the fashions of the early 20th century,and they are all quite knowledgeable.

Zither playing and some other folk music entertain diners.

Many politicians,pop stars and other famous persons come here.

Expect high prices(RMB300-2000)and no discount.